Bread Over Bed(freestyle)

Money is never a justification for slowing down in the YMCMB family. If any of the label’s blossoming proteges should need to be reminded, they can look no further than Cash Money’s founding father Bryan “Birdman” Williams. The success of the label epitomizes the fact that staying loyal to your team creates an endurance that defies even the industry’s most sickly whims.

On a day that could easily become a monotonous blur, the work ethic is top notch. An impending road-trip momentarily takes the backseat. Leaving Miami, the crew readies itself for Drake’s show in Minnesota but not before making a quick pit- stop, giving the camera- ready Birdman an opportunity for some face time. Birdman welcomes the challenge with ease, recording a freestyle for  founder DJ Scoob Doo.

“Come from the bottom, took it straight to the top,” spits Birdman. “We want it, so we flip the sh*t non-stop.” 
Birdman Album “Bigger Than Life” Coming Soon
Story Written By:
Jolie “Ms Ls” Sanchez