Video: DJ Scoob Doo – Triple OG DVD Trailer

     Perhaps you know DJ Scoob Doo from orchestrating countless mixtapes or directing official videos for platinum recording artists like Nicki Minaj, Redman, and Lil Wayne. Now you can familiarize yourself even more with the Triple OG DVD.
     Navigating across the country, we go on a journey with the director to find out what it takes to make it out of the streets & into the entertainment industry.  With Scoob’s personal experiences & priceless relationships, Triple OG DVD takes you behind the scenes with some of the biggest names in the music game.  Exclusive in depth interviews and never seen before footage provides viewers with knowledge & inside tips on street survival. Learn how some deal with the day to day issues & decisions made that can destroy a legacy in a blink of eye. Take a journey with Scoob & witness this raw & intimate look at how it takes a special type of person to rise above the circumstances of someone coming from the streets. That special person is called a “Triple OG”.
      Let Birdman take you on a tour of his exclusive Miami Penthouse & show off his weekday summer watch collection.  Witness legendary recording artist Lil Wayne go from student to teacher as he teaches Meek Mill how to skateboard at 5am in the morning in Miami. Revisit the place where the classic movie Menace II Society was filmed, Grape St, where outsiders never get a chance to see the real life situations that occur each & every day. Hang out with Jadakiss, Redman, Future, and countless other artists as DJ Scoob Doo gives you your all access pass!

Check Out the exclusive trailer here at Bread Over Bed.